At Amphibian Sports we pride ourselves on providing the best service we can. We are not an 'Off the shelf - Out of the door' type of shop; we want people to feel they have had the best customer care.

A lot of research goes into supplying the best kit for the customer in order to provide the most suitable and lasting piece of equipment. Everything is individualised and ONLY sold if it suits the customer and not just because it is sitting on our shelves. We can order anything from every company so if you don't see it in the shop we can still get it ordered in.  

All regulator sets are made up on sight and not just sold as box sets. They are all tested before going out of the door and set up to the customers needs. Regulator servicing is done here on sight so everything is checked over thoroughly.  

All Wing systems and Harnesses are also made up for the customer and not just sold in pieces for the customer to try and work out. We arrange a time with our customers in order for them to come into the shop and have all systems made and set up for them.   

We can also arrange a time to go through kit configuration if customers are looking to change the set up of their equipment. We will go through everything and make sure all kit is set up specifically for the individual and make alterations if need be. There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable in the water.

The same applies for Drysuits. We complete a Size form so we have all the customers’ details and scan through Manufacturers size charts to see what best fits and also keeping within the budget set by the customer. Failing this we will then recommend a made-to-measure suit which we can also arrange. We provide as much advice as we can in order to find the best fitting drysuit for the customer.  

We have been very lucky to have worked alongside some of the Best Divers around the world and have gained a very good reputation throughout the diving industry. We try to keep everyone happy from the recreational diver right up to the rebreather and cave divers. We cater for everyone!